The Heroes Behind The Heroes

When Vanderbilt Medical Center asked us to create the opening video to kick-off its annual employee celebration event, they said they wanted an upbeat anthem that captured the magnitude of its daily operations. But most importantly, the video had to showcase as many different kinds of employees as we could fit inside three-and-half minutes. Their challenge to us was to explore the furthest reaches of the hospital in order to create an accurate, inclusive picture of Vanderbilt’s workforce.

  • Client: Vanderbilt Medical Center
  • Agency: Stonecastle
  • Type: Healthcare
  • Deliverable: Internal Marketing Video
  • Services: Creative Strategy, Video Production, Scriptwriting

The Story



Having recently completed Vanderbilt’s brand campaign that focused mainly on patients and physicians, we saw this project as a welcome opportunity to turn our cameras on employees who rarely get the spotlight — janitors, food service workers, and call center employees. In this video, they would receive the star treatment.


Our concept was to capture a typical day at the hospital, from start to finish, with all the visual flourishes we would deliver for a commercial campaign. Our team spent two days filming in the hidden places film crews typically avoid: boiler rooms, basements, kitchens, and supply rooms. But it was here we found the remarkable people who keep Vanderbilt moving.

The Results

"Stonecastle produced an amazing opening video to kick off the event. It combined touching stories with high energy all focused on what makes VUMC a special place. The video really captured the essence of the amazing work done here everyday."

Brian Carlson, Vanderbilt Medical Center
Brian Carlson, Vanderbilt Medical Center