The Fight To Free Our Medical Records

Hundreds of thousands of patients die each year due to a lack of access to their medical records. Most doctors have no way of seeing a new patient’s full history, which leads to preventable and often-lethal mistakes. In 2014, executive producer Kevin Johnson approached Stonecastle to direct and produce a feature documentary exploring why – in our hyper-connected world – hospitals still resist sharing patient information with each other.

  • Client: OTB Productions
  • Agency: Stonecastle
  • Type: Healthcare
  • Deliverable: Feature Documentary
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The Project

The Project


Stonecastle provided directing and production support to executive producer Kevin Johnson, who secured funding for the documentary through state and federal grants. Our collaboration led to a fascinating story of privacy concerns and fears of transparency that make one question whether the patient’s best interests are even a factor at all.


We spent two years traveling the United States to understand why most health providers refuse to link their electronic medical record systems. What seemed at first like a dry tropic became deeply personal as we learned of the human cost, from individual stories of preventable deaths to the impact on victims during natural disasters.

The Results

“No Matter Where” was an Official Selection at the Nashville Film Festival, and also screened at the HIMSS medical conference and AMIA Fall Symposium.

"Stonecastle was an outstanding creative partner that made filming this documentary a really enjoyable experience. They took care of everything I asked them to do, including working with me on creative ideas and collaborating with me on production and post planning and execution. I’m extremely proud of the final product and would recommend them to anyone."

Kevin Johnson, OTB Productions
Kevin Johnson, OTB Productions