Filming ‘Impossible’ Stories For St. Thomas Health

In 2015, Bohan Advertising came to Stonecastle with an intriguing concept for a brand campaign they were cooking up for their new client, St. Thomas Health. As a perennial second-place hospital behind Nashville’s largest employer, Vanderbilt Medical Center, St. Thomas needed to re-frame the local healthcare story to its advantage. Bohan’s idea was to own St. Thomas’ faith heritage with a campaign based on a Bible verse (Luke 1:37) which says, “For with God nothing shall be impossible.”

  • Client: St Thomas Health
  • Agency: Bohan Advertising
  • Type: Healthcare
  • Deliverable: TV Campaign
  • Services: Creative Strategy, Video Production

The Project

The Project


Working closely with Bohan, we inserted ourselves into their creative process and began casting stories of real St. Thomas patients and employees who had overcome their own “impossible” odds of survival. Bohan’s vision was to film each :30 TV spot in a documentary-style format, featuring real, unscripted interviews. The magic trick for us was to capture spontaneous moments while also maintaining the highest commercial production standards.

Stonecastle filmed more than a dozen TV spots for the campaign, including this one we called “Careful What You Wish For.” Featuring the father of quadruplets who nearly lost his wife during childbirth, it captures the joy and gratitude inside their (very full) home. Rather than script every shot of this commercial, our approach here was to embrace the chaos by stripping our crew to a bare minimum and simply following the tornado of activity.

The father’s interview, as with all the interviews in this campaign, was completely unscripted. By taking the extra time to let him tell his story in his own words, we were able to capture a much more authentic, believable performance. For more on our interview process and how we’re able to draw stories out of reluctant performers, read our blog post here.


Then there was the time we jumped out of an airplane…

The Campaign

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The Results

"Stonecastle produced an amazing opening video to kick off the event. It combined touching stories with high energy all focused on what makes VUMC a special place. The video really captured the essence of the amazing work done here everyday."

Brian Carlson, Vanderbilt Medical Center
Brian Carlson, Vanderbilt Medical Center