A Healthcare App Built In Response To COVID

In the early months of the COVID pandemic, the app maker Ruby called Stonecastle for help  creating a series of Facebook ads for a new (and still unfinished) healthcare app. Ruby’s Medical Information Kit was hurriedly being built from an existing Ruby app to allow families to securely share their health information with each other in the event one of them became hospitalized.

  • Client: Ruby
  • Agency: Stonecastle
  • Type: Healthcare Brands
  • Deliverable: Facebook Ads
  • Services: Creative Strategy, Video Production, Animation, Scriptwriting

The Project


As hospitalizations from COVID began to increase, Ruby’s CEO, Troy Wooley, recalled his own worrisome experience during his mother’s recent surgery. This same concern for COVID patients led Troy to direct Ruby developers to quickly build a dedicated app for families to store and share their health records.


While Ruby developers worked from home to rush the app to market, we came up with a creative concept that allowed us to film the spots with a minimal, socially-distanced crew. We brought Ruby’s CEO to our own offices in Nashville to record a documentary-style interview, then created hand-drawn animations that illustrated his story.

The Campaign

The Results

"The Stonecastle team was great to work with. As someone who hates the camera, they made it easy. From creative direction, to production and editing, the process was seamless and the end result was great."

Troy Woolley, Ruby
Troy Woolley, Ruby