Celebrating Fifty Years of Preservation

As the Heritage Foundation of Williamson County prepared to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, the marketing team asked us to develop and produce a short documentary. The foundation  wanted to showcase its past accomplishments in the area of historic preservation, but at the same time make a clear statement about its vision for the future. The film would be the centerpiece of a red carpet fundraising event at the historic Franklin Theater and needed to deliver an emotional call to action that motivated attendees to participate in its mission.

  • Client: Heritage Foundation of Williamson County
  • Agency: Stonecastle
  • Type: Non-Profit
  • Deliverable: Fundraising Video
  • Services: Creative Strategy, Video Production

The Project

The Project


Our goal was to leave the audience with a clear and compelling “Why” behind all the Heritage Foundation does. The ending was designed for the live event, where the CEO immediately took the stage to share her vision for the foundation’s next chapter.


One of the difficulties of filming a historical documentary is that there’s rarely anything to actually film. Knowing we wanted more than “talking head” interviews and archival material, we decided to place our interview subjects in interesting and evocative environments — an empty movie theater or hot air balloon — to build a sense of energy, context, and emotion.


Our challenge was to keep the documentary from becoming loaded down with overt marketing messages that undercut the authentic tone and emotional impact we all desired. So our solution was to break the film into chapters, each featuring a main character positioned to guide the audience along a chosen storyline.

The Results

"Stonecastle produced an amazing opening video to kick off the event. It combined touching stories with high energy all focused on what makes VUMC a special place. The video really captured the essence of the amazing work done here everyday."

Brian Carlson, Vanderbilt Medical Center
Brian Carlson, Vanderbilt Medical Center