Videos that live up to your brand

Customers are tired of ads that feel like ads. To win their hearts (and their business), you need to share a story that only you can tell. Here’s how we did that for Vanderbilt Medical Center.

Create content that works together


Stonecastle translates complex ideas into content that engages your audience along the entire patient journey. Our insights lay the groundwork for effective messaging that achieves marketing objectives, whether it’s building brand awareness, driving higher engagement, or increasing patient volumes.

Small teams, big value


Stonecastle has filmed in clinics and hospitals all over the world and we understand how to get the job done without creating disruptions. Our process is built for speed, quality, and precision – which means we provide commercial-quality production without the headache of, well, commercial productions.

Take your stories further


Whether it’s a recruiting or awareness video, you need to make sure the right people see it. Our experts will deploy a paid social media campaign customized for you, whether it’s increasing impressions, conversions, or pay-per-click.

Healthcare Clients